Tele2 making new friends

How can a telecom company like Tele2 benefit from the use of Facebook

Tele2 Norway asked us to help them out with their Facebook debut. We developed and designed strategy, services/applications and campaigns. Our goal was to make a page that would be useful for Tele2’s customers, but also to be attractive for potential customers. We ended up with a combination of customer service, fun and utilities. We sat ourselves a goal to reach 10K of likes within the first six mounths and we reached that goal with a bare two days margin.


Tele2 has worked really focused on their social media strategy consisting of three pilars:

  1. Monitor and Measure
  2. React and Participate
  3. Set the agenda and Involve.

When we came along they already had a nice setup with both a corporate and developer's blog and also an active Twitter-account. Tele2 wanted us to help them to develop a strategy for their presence on Facebook. They also wanted us to come up with creative ideas and design and develop the apps needed.

The process

We set up a project plan consisting of four mile stones:

1) Strategy and concept
2) Motivate internal stakeholders
3) The creative consept
4) Production

We defined and worked out to solve these questions:

1) Why is Facebook important to Tele2?
2) What can Facebook do better than all the other communication channels we already use like tv, mobile support etc?
3) What can Facebook do which we can't do today?
4) What are our ambitions?
5) Why should our clients choose to "like" our FB page?

"We would like to thank Hyper for their effort putting together a great project. For keeping up the high spirit even all through the end. And mostly for a very sucsessfull launch of our Facebook page." The Tele2 social media team

  • Tele2 fondet
  • Tele2 gratis sms
  • Tele2 ukens mobil
  • It's on Frank
  • Tele2 verdensrekord

The solutions

It’s On Frank

Idea: Frank the Sheep served up a challenge, if you were fast enough and managed to be the first to click on his wallet when it opened, he’d pay your last mobile bill. The wallet does not open very often, so there's a lot of waiting for those participating.

Facebook shop: This week’s mobile offer

Tele2 wanted to give their Facebook friends a weekly special offer, and they wanted to give them the chance to decide which phones they’d like to have on offer. We designed and developed a solution where people could vote for the phone they liked and the phone with the most votes would automatically be on offer the week after. We have later changed this to just have one new Facebook-offer each week.

Send free SMS

With this application, anyone with a Norwegian number can send free SMS, showing how much Tele2 values their Facebook friends in a tangible way. You do not even need to be a client of Tele2! This is something no otherNorwegian tele service provider offer.

Tele2 Fondet

Tele2 has a fund to support good causes. We created an application where people could apply for funding of their causes, as well as view and share.

Setting a world record

To promote their fixed price subscription, Tele2 aimed to set a new world record in the longest phone conversation, which they did with 24 hours 45 minutes and 10 seconds! We made an application to inform about the record attempt, as well as involve Tele2’s friends. People could submit suggestions to topics the participants could talk about, as well as nominate their friends to a “Chatterbox - support” which consisted of a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and a year payed subscription.

Hyper and Tele2 have received praise for providing Tele2s customers and fans with a useful and fun Facebook page. Are you not a friend of Tele2 yet? Click here to visit Tele2 on Facebook

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